I like the combination of the technical and medical courses the most.

Jens Schouten, student

Third year student Medical Sciences and Technology (MWT).

Why did you choose this major?

For a long time I wanted to study Medicine, but after an orientation day from this study I changed my mind. This was not the right study for me, because I missed the technical element. Luckily, I discovered the study MWT because a friend wanted to study the major Biomedical Engineering. He told me about the study and I went to an orientation day. Afterwards, it was very clear to me that the major MWT was the right choice for me.  

What do you like most about Medical Sciences and Technology?

I like the combination of the technical and medical courses. During the medical courses we learn among others about organs and tissues, which reminds me of the study Medicine. Furthermore, diseases are discussed and we visit hospitals for special lectures from doctors and researchers. The technical courses are interesting as well and later on in the Bachelor the technical subjects are integrated in medical issues. I also enjoy the DBL-projects, because the subjects are very diverse and this keeps me motivated.

Which direction did you choose during your Bachelor?

I chose the electives of the department of Biomedical Engineering. The technical courses I followed from the major Biomedical Engineering are not part of the major MWT, however I felt it was important to broaden my technical basis. 

Where would you like to work in the future?

Preferably, I would like to work in the hospital and figure out how to improve treatments and surgeries by using new techniques. Working with patients and medical specialists is what I enjoy the most.

What did you do next to your study?

During the first year, I was a member of the Introduction Committee of student association Protagoras of Biomedical Engineering. This was very nice to do and I learned a lot. In my third year I was an introduction parent during the introduction week and I was a P-mentor for the same group during their first year, to help them with all their questions. Furthermore, I was a student assistant for the first DBL-project of the first year in which I guided two groups. 

December 2015