I wanted a study that not only exists of biological courses, but also contains the technical subjects I am interested in.

Paul Bartels, student

Third year student Medical Sciences and Technology (MWT).

Why did you choose this major?

I wanted a study that not only exists of biological courses, but also contains the technical subjects I am interested in. MWT was the best option: it contains all ‘beta’-subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology) and therefore it has a very broad orientation. 

During the fifth year of high school I went to the pre university college of the TU/e, where different departments presented themselves. The lecture of the department Biomedical Engineering interested me the most, but I still doubted between the majors MWT and BMT. Therefore, I went to the information day and did an orientation day of MWT, where the differences between MWT and BMT became clear to me. MWT interested me the most, because of the larger biological segment. If you have any doubts, I would advise you to definitely go to an orientation day, because you learn a lot from the stories of the students.

What do you like most about Medical Sciences and Technology?

I like the Design-Based Learning (DBL) the most. During a DBL-project, you do research in a group of students and it also includes some practical experiments. For example I did research on the development of an artificial kidney. Furthermore, it is very helpful that you can choose multiple electives in your study program. You are able to orientate during the first year and you can then choose your direction for the second and third year. 

Which direction did you choose during your Bachelor?

I choose the standard elective packages for MWT.  Tissue regeneration and creating artificial tissue interest me the most. Furthermore I like the chemistry courses, so I also chose electives on Chemical Biology. I could not choose between ‘Mathematics 2’ and ‘Pharmacology’, so I followed both courses. 

Where would you like to work in the future?

That is a difficult question, because there are a lot of things that caught my attention. It appeals to me the most to do research into Chemical Biology or Regenerative Medicine, at the TU/e, at a research institute or in a company that produces drugs.  

What do you do next to your study?

During the first year I was a mentor on the orientation days, in which I showed potential new students around on campus and went to my lectures and DBL-project with them. Furthermore I was a student assistant for the course ‘Endocrinology and Metabolism’ where I helped out and answered questions during the guided self-study. 

December 2015