During the first year there are a lot of different courses, so you are able to find out in which you are interested the most.

Sylvia Genet, student

Third year student Medical Sciences and Technology (MWT).

Why did you choose this major?

It was very difficult for me to choose a study. A lot of studies seemed interesting and it was difficult to discover the differences. I chose MWT, because this very broad study involves mathematics, physics, chemistry as well as biology. Furthermore, I enjoy practical work which is definitely present in this study. To discover if this study really suited me, I went to the information day and participated in an orientation day. This gave me a better understanding of the study, so I would definitely recommend everyone to go to these days.    

What do you like most about Medical Sciences and Technology?

It is very nice that this study has a broad orientation. During the first year there are a lot of different courses, so you are able to figure out which subjects interest you the most. In the second year you can choose courses that fit your interests, allowing you to focus on subjects you really like. I enjoy Design-Based Learning (DBL) and Chemical Biology the most. For example, we did research on breast cancer during a DBL-project. Because of the literature study and experiments you learn much more about the subject with respect to learning from a book. 

Which direction did you choose in your Bachelor?

I did not choose the standard MWT electives, but courses from the educational minor as well. I always wanted to be a teacher, so I chose these courses to find out whether this was still my ambition. I do not yet know if I will choose the Master which educates you to be a first degree teacher. Furthermore I did some extra courses from the major Biomedical Engineering, because I thought these were also very interesting.

Where would you like to work in the future?

A great advantage of this study is that there are a lot of career opportunities. To work as a researcher in a Chemical Laboratory seems very interesting, but also other options do appeal to me. For example, by joing the SensUs team I hope to find out if I am interested in the field of Biosensors.

What do you do next to your study?

Since the first year, I was one of the year representatives from MWT. During the meetings you learn how to speak up in a group and you are able to give feedback on the educational program and advise on improvements. I also helped future students during the orientation days by showing them around on campus. Furthermore, I am a student assistant for the webredaction where I assist to keep the BMT website and the intranet for BMT up-to-date. I like to be involved in different part of the department, because then you see a lot of different sides of the university. I am also active as a member of the SensUs team, the first international student competition on molecular biosensors for healthcare applications.

December 2015