Internship possibilities

The special Master’s degree program in Care and Cure includes two internships, one lasting six weeks in the first year and one lasting ten weeks in the second year. If you have not yet acquired any international experience, it would be preferable for you to do one of your two internships abroad. If you have previous international experience, you may do both internships within Eindhoven University of Technology. TU/e can help you find an internship with a company or university in Europe or elsewhere, for example in the United States or Japan.

Foreign possibilities

An internship is a small research project that prepares you for the larger final project.  It offers you access to research that is being carried out by the department. This research is conducted in part in our own laboratories, and in part at various companies and universities all over the world. By participating in this research, you will make contact with our research partners. If you are interested – and we think you are suitably qualified to do so – you can carry out the project at their facilities.

Our interns travel as far as Japan and Australia as well as to Singapore, the United States and Argentina; some stay close to home, going to Munich and Leuven. Large regional companies such as Philips, Océ and ASML are all too keen to accept our interns, but so are numerous smaller companies, such as Prodrive. Finally, organizations on our own campus regularly provide projects for our students, companies such as TNO and a wide range of spin-offs.