Externship within Biomedical Engineering

In your first year of the master's program, you will do an externship. This extenship will give you an impression of the current research field and an idea of your future career opportunities. You will gain research experience and develop the professional work ethic and independence you need for your final project in the last year of the program.

You will do your externship at a company, institute or the research laboratory of another university. You can also decide to accept an externship abroad. Approximately 60% of the BME students opt for this. The externship lasts three months. Placements are always with organizations that your externship supervisor (your supervising professor) has close ties with. This ensures that you receive proper supervision and achieve academically sound results.

Externship within Medical Engineering

In your first year in the Medical Engineering Master program you will sign up for an externship. This is your chance to expand your knowledge of one of the clinical disciplines you explored in your electives and clinical modules. You perform hands-on research for three months.