Program admission for Bachelor's degree holders

A number of Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees are eligible for entry into the Biomedical Engineering Master's degree program or the Medical Engineering Master's degree program.

The ideal preparation for our Master's programs is the Bachelor's program Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e. If you have a non-Dutch Bachelor’s degree, check here for the TU/e procedure.

Admission with a different Bachelor's degree is only possible after individual assessment by the department, looking at your foreknowledge and specialization in the to-be-followed Master's program. If a pre-master is necessary before admission, an individual program will be designed.

Limited capacity Master Medical Engineering
Note: there is a limited capacity for clinical modules and graduation projects in the Master's program Medical Engineering. Only after an interview with a professor, you are guaranteed of being admitted to this Master. Therefore, sign up in time for an intake interview.