Because I like to see technology applied in society, I decided to choose ME.

Marc Vervuurt, student

Student Medical Engineering with the specialization Clinical Chemistry.

Marc Vervuurt

MasterMedical Engineering
SpecializationChemical Biology
Previous education: Medical Sciences and Technology
Started with the Master in September  2015

Why did you choose this Master?

During the last year of my Bachelor I started to doubt what I wanted to do after graduation. I was certain I wanted to do a Master in Eindhoven, however I did not know which Master. Regenerative Medicine and Technology (RMT) was not an option, because I did not want to specialize in tissue engineering; Biomedical Engineering (BME) and Medical Engineering (ME) were the only two viable options.

Because I like to see technology applied in society, I decided to choose ME. In ME real clinical problems are tackled and evaluated and solving them aids the patient directly. Fundamental research also serves this purpose, but the research is still some stages away from application.

During my Bachelor I was unsure what I wanted to specialize in. After the first year I structured my subjects to ensure I was able to also choose the ME Master (as I did the major Medical Sciences and Technology which does not provide all these courses). Therefore, I also took part in (and enjoyed!) classical engineering subjects like mechanics, electromagnetism and continuum mechanics. During the second and third year of my Bachelor I developed specific interest in the biochemical subjects (e.g. biochemistry, molecular cell biology, chemical biology). For my Master I decided joined prof. dr. Luc Brunsveld’s group with a special interest in Clinical Chemistry.

I talked to both students and teachers about the choice of my Master and I visited information meetings organized by the department and the specific research groups.

Which courses and projects did you choose?

Most of my courses are focused on biochemistry, for example Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Biosensors and Protein Engineering. In collaboration with my graduation professor, I chose these subjects that contain the information relevant for me.

I am still unsure where I want to do my internship, but I intend to go abroad. I would prefer to visit a university (hospital) with a renowned molecular biology group and of course specialized in clinical chemistry.

What do you like about Medical Engineering?

The courses are very interesting, but I mostly enjoy the clinical modules. In these modules, we can see how technology and engineering is used inside the clinic. Because of our background as engineers we see problems differently or find improvements that clinicians do not see. This combination is what makes ME so interesting.

What will be your graduation project?

I am planning on starting my graduation project around April, but I do not know yet what the subject will be. I have planned several meetings with my mentor concerning the options and my preferences. However, I am sure it will be in collaboration with a hospital and it will most likely be the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, as my mentor is also employed there.

Would you like to continue your research career with a PhD or PDEng?

I am planning on doing either a PhD or a PDEng, but I cannot make this decision now because I am not sure if I like research enough. If I do not like it, I want to do a PDEng as the content of this educational program is much more applied in practice in comparison to fundamental research.

Where would you like to work in the future?

I am currently planning on doing a PhD; this is essential for a future in clinical chemistry which sounds really appealing to me. However, this comes down to the availability of interesting projects. Furthermore, I would like to work at a biochemical company or get a teacher’s degree. For now I will direct my choices towards clinical chemistry and I will see where it takes me.

I participated in some career perspective activities like Protagoras’ alumni night and the Alumni Coach Network. I also talked to a lot of Master students, PhD students and alumni about their choices and motivations.

What did you do next to your study?

Since the start of my studies I was very interested in the organization of the department and the study itself, therefore I chose to be as involved as possible. I took part in the Bachelor-students meeting, in which Bachelor’s students discuss current educational issues with the educational board and education officer of study association Protagoras. I also took place in the Program Committee in which the quality of the education is safeguarded. Furthermore, I am currently a member of the Departmental Council, in which important subjects concerning the department are discussed.

I have also worked as a student assistant for several first year’s Bachelor courses and I am an active member of the study association Protagoras and have been a member of multiple committees in the past. Finally, I am the Student Ambassador for the initiative known as SkillsLab, aimed at improving professional skills among students of the TU/e.


January 2016