Dutch hbo bachelor degree

If you have completed a Bachelor’s program at a Dutch hbo (university of Higher Professional Education also called University of Applied Sciences), this does not qualify you for direct admission to a TU/e Master's program. You will first need to follow a pre-Master's program. 

A number of bachelor's directly qualify you for admission to certain pre-Master's program. Please contact the faculty to determine to which pre-Master's program you are directly admissible.

When you are not directly admissible to a pre-Master's program an admissions committee will determines whether you are permitted on the basis of your previous education.

You must apply for a pre-Master's program through Studielink before July 1st. After this deadline applications are no longer accepted. Under ‘Bachelor programs', you will find the pre-Master's programs that correspond to the various Master's programs. The staff of the TU/e program will decide if your prior education qualifies you for the pre-Master's program.

Note: For programs starting on the 1st of February, you can apply until 1st December using the following form.

You can only start a Master’s program after you have completed your pre-Master’s program.

Entrance tests in English and Mathematics

If you wish to apply for the Business Informations Systems (BIS), Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Data Science in Engineering (DSE), Embedded Systems (ES) en Information Security Technology (IST) pre-Master program, you need to meet the entrance requirements for Mathematics and English. These entrance requirement must have been met by participating in an entrance test before 1 September in order to be enrolled as of 1 September of that same year or by 1 January in order to be enrolled as of 1 February.

Mathematics: For Mathematics, the entrance requirement is a certificate for the preliminary examination in Mathematics B. You can take this at:

English: For English, the entrance requirement is a certificate (no older than two years) from one of the following examination organizations:

  • TOEFL certificate; overall band score of at least 90 AND a minimum score of 21 for each section.
  • IELTS certificate; overall band score of at least 6.5 and a minimum of 6.0 for each section.
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English of the Certificate in Advanced English (University of Cambridge)
  • Exemption: Pre-university (VWO) certificate or previous education with English as the sole language of instruction for the entire Bachelor's degree program in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA.

If you have any questions about the entrance tests or requirements, please contact STU.

From TU/e minor to Master’s

If you have successfully completed the HBO TOP program, you may directly qualify for a TU/e Master's or only need to follow a limited pre-Master program. For more information you can contact the responcible coordinator at the department.

Contact admission
Master ProgramNaamE-mail
Applied PhysicsJos Zeegersj.c.h.zeegers@tue.nl
Architecture Building and PlanningFrancien Clijstersf.m.clijsters@tue.nl
Automotive TechnologyDésy BlockmasterAT@tue.nl
Biomedical EngineeringDaisy van der Schaft BME_graduateprogram.LSE@tue.nl
Business Information SystemsNatasha StashN.V.Stash@tue.nl
Chemical EngineeringGerda Baas / Ouafae El Fahmiio.ce@tue.nl
Computer Science and EngineeringNatasha StashN.V.Stash@tue.nl
Construction Management and EngineeringFrancien Clijstersf.m.clijsters@tue.nl
Data Science and Entrepreneurship Joosje van den Munckhofstudycounselor@jads.nl  
Electrical EngineeringHarald van den MeerendonkEE.FTC@tue.nl
Embedded SystemsNatasha Stashm.j.h.anthonissen@tue.nl
Human-Technology InteractionSuzanne Zaaijerftc-IEIS@tue.nl
Industrial and Applied MathematicsMartijn Anthonissen e.veenendaal@tue.nl
Industrial DesignKarin Janssenid.ftc@tue.nl
Innovation ManagementSuzanne Zaaijerftc-IEIS@tue.nl
Innovation SciencesSuzanne Zaaijer ftc-IEIS@tue.nl
Mechanical Engineering Désy BlockMasterME@tue.nl
Medical EngineeringDaisy van der Schaft BME_graduateprogram.LSE@tue.nl
Operations Management & LogisticsSuzanne Zaaijerftc-IEIS@tue.nl
Science Education and CommunicationChantal Bransesoe@tue.nl
Science and Technology of Nuclear FusionClazien Sarissecretary.fusion@tue.nl
Sustainable Energy TechnologyDésy Blockmsc.set@tue.nl
Systems and Control Désy BlockmasterSC@tue.nl