Selection Bachelor’s programs

Why is TU/e introducing selection?

TU/e believes in small-scale education with plenty of contact between teachers and students. There is a limit in terms of the number of student we can offer good education.

Given the rapid growth of recent years, the limit has now been reached. In academic year 2019-2020 we have a maximum number of student places for the programs Biomedical Engineering / Medical Sciences and Technology, Computer Science & Engineering, Industrial Design and Industrial Engineering and probably Architecture Urbanism & Building Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology & Technology and Sustainable Innovation.

If interest exceeds the maximum number of students, then we will apply a selection procedure whereby we determine who may and may not follow these studies. The selection is based on the engineers that society and industry need.

Selection criteria

There are two criteria. TU/e selection programs all use average high-school grade (or an equivalent) of the pre-exam year  as one criterion. The second criterion is determined differently per Bachelor’s program but may not be based on other school grades. By 1 October, the second criterion per program is finally completed.

Selection process 2019-2020

If you want to start a degree program with selection in academic year 2019-2020, you must apply before 15 January 2019. Everyone applying for a program with selection will participate in a selection process.