Colloquium doctum

If you are a prospective student with a prior education that does not meet the stated requirements, you can take the ‘colloquium doctum' examination to test your suitability for the program of study you wish to take. Based on the results, you may be able to gain admission to Bachelor's programs.

The colloquium doctum is not organized by Eindhoven University of Technology.

You have to be in the Netherlands to be able to take a deficiency course and preliminary  examination.

To be allowed to take a colloquium doctum, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • You are 21 or older and have not gained one of the diplomas referred to earlier.
  • You have gained a diploma in another country which qualifies you for admission to higher education in that country, but is not recognized for admission to TU/e. In that case an exception can be made to the age requirement stated above.