The Introduction week is being organised by the Central Introduction Committee of the TU/e in cooperation with all student organizations. Also the contribution of Intro mentors and all other volunteers is essential when organizing this huge event.

Central Introduction Committee

The Central Introduction Committee of 2017 consists of:

Koen van Bentem
Fenno van de Eijnde
Mayra Goevaerts
Anouk van Helvoirt
Niek van Rooij
Trinidad Signorelli


Did you also find your Introduction week fantastic and do you think it would be awesome to become an Intro mentor? Ask your study association about what to do in order to become an Intro mentor. As an Intro mentor it is compulsary to participate at the 'Introbegeleidersdag' in August.

In case you have already been an Intro mentor and you would like to share your knowledge and experience, you could become an executive during the 'Introbegeleidersdag'. If you would be interested, please send a email to the Central Introduction Committee.

In order to create a fantastic week many other volunteers are needed. Every year there are  hero's who give out the lunch or who keep order during the culture festival. Would you like to help during the Introduction week 2016, please send us an email as well.