Friendly Housing

Friendly Housing offers accommodation in single bedrooms in student houses and accommodation in private studio apartments.

All accommodation is fully furnished.
The rental price includes:
• gas
• water
• electricity
• internet
• council taxes and other levies
• maintenance
• administration costs
• safety appliances
• inspection service
• partial insurance.

Studio apartments on the Veldmaarschalk Montgomerylaan
A number of 43 studio apartments are available with Friendly Housing. Information regarding the studio apartments can be found in the brochure. Some of these apartments are suitable for occupancy by two persons. When the apartment is shared, each tenant will pay half of the rental price mentioned in the brochure.
The rental period of these apartments is from 1 August 2017 up to 31 January 2018.This period is fixed and cannot be changed. When you prefer a studio apartment with Friendly Housing, an apartment will be appointed to you by Friendly Housing. Because you will receive a short stay rental agreement, you cannot obtain rent allowance for these apartments. Please note: you will have to arrange alternative accommodation yourself from 31 January 2018 onwards.

Single bedroom in student houses
Student houses are shared by several (international) students. In the Netherlands it is common for boys and girls to live together in a student house. There is no separate accommodation for boys or girls.

Rental prices for a room vary from approx. €350 to €500 per month.

All Bachelor's and Master's students who rent a single bedroom in a student house with Friendly Housing receive a rental agreement for a minimum period of 6 months. The start will be between 1 and 15 August 2017. The earliest end date of the agreement is 31 January 2018. After this period the rental agreement can be cancelled with a notice period of one calendar month. There is no maximum period of stay for this type of accommodation. You will be able to choose and book your accommodation via the website of Friendly Housing.

When you are allotted housing with Friendly Housing, you will receive an e-mail from Friendly Housing in June/July with booking instructions.