Procedure to arrange your passport photo, signature and fingerprints

As of 2014 the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service requires a passport photo, a signature and fingerprints from the person applying for a visa.
The procedure is as follows:

  • TU/e submits an application for you to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service. 
  • If your visa application is accepted, you will be notified that you can pick up your visa at the Netherlands Embassy or consulate in your country of origin.
  • Take a new (unused) passport photo with you to the Netherlands Embassy or consulate. This photo must meet the Dutch passport requirements
  • At the Embassy or consulate you will be asked to provide your signature and your fingerprints will be taken.

Residence permit

If you only need a residence permit, you can travel to the Netherlands with your passport. After arrival you must visit the IND office in Eindhoven. They will collect your fingerprints and your signature. A picture will also be taken. After this it will take about 2 weeks before your residence permit card is ready. You will be informed by the Education and Student Affairs.