Culture associations

Culture associations are an important part of Eindhoven student life. Hundreds of students make music, dance, act or photograph. The Doppio drama club performs regularly in Eindhoven’s largest theaters. The associations for Spanish folk music, Tuna en Tuniña, even travel the world to make music in gatherings and at social clubs in other countries. In the De Bunker student center creative associations can easily get together and keep in touch with how things are going.

The culture associations are:

  • Bigband Studentproof
  • Scala Culture Center
  • ESDV Footloose
  • ESFF Dekate Mousa
  • ESMG Quadrivium
  • ESRG Knights of the Kitchen Table
  • Japanse culture association Kinjin
  • La Tuniña
  • Doppio Drama Club
  • Tuna Ciudad de Luz