Study costs, scholarships and grants

It is important that you have enough money to support yourself while you are a student. Indeed, you will need to prove that this is the case in order to get your visa to enter the Netherlands. Your expenses will arise in a number of ways – tuition fees, accommodation, food, travel, leisure activities, laundry, clothing, books and other day-to-day requirements.

The following pages give information on study costs and the possibilities for assistance in funding.

If you are going to study, you also have to deal with study costs. Think, for example, of tuition fees, costs of books, rent of a room. 

Tuition fees and study costs
What does it cost to study at Eindhoven University of Technology? What are the amounts of the tuition fees and what do you have to take into account even more?
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Student grants
If you come to study at TU / e, you are often entitled to student finance.
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Application fee
Students with a foreign prior education pay € 100 per application for admission. 
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