Conditions for authorization

Direct debit authorizations may not be withdrawn. In other words: you may not cancel the authorization or demand that the tuition fees be returned. The university will cancel the authorization only if your enrollment is terminated.

  1. Ensure that the ESA receives your request to pay by direct debit before the first installment is due.
  2. Requests for payment in installments received after the payment date for the first installment will be processed only once the outstanding amount has been paid. This will generally be the first installment plus the administration fee.
  3. You must have a SEPA bank account number into which funds (e.g. your student grant) are deposited, or which contains sufficient funds to cover the installment on or around the due date. If this is not the case, the account holder will be liable for any legal or other costs associated with collection of the amount owing.
  4. If you do not fulfil your financial obligations the university can terminate your enrollment.
  5. An administration fee of €24 is payable on standing orders for payment in ten installments. This will be debited from your account together with the first installment. If you join the installment scheme after the first installment is paid you will have to pay the administration fee before your enrollment can be finalized.
  6. You cannot close the account or cancel the authorization.
  7. You can change the bank account number relating to the authorization up to two weeks before the activation date.
  8. If the account holder does not agree with any transfer of funds from his or her account carried out under the authorization, he or she should contact the ESA immediately.