Pre-Master's tuition fee

When enrolling in the pre-master program, the program determines the total number of credits for your bridging program. With a HBO prior education this is standard 30.

On the basis of this program the level of the rate is determined: number of credits * € 34.33 (€ 2.060 / 60 credits)

You pay your fee in one go at the start of the program (no refund possible)

Halfway through the year any exemptions or additional courses will be settled.

After completing your bridging program, you register for the Master and pay the statutory tuition fee.

What does that mean for me?

  1. The program organizers will determine the total number of credits for your pre-Master's program when you enroll in the program. With a HBO diploma this is 30 credits.
  2. The fee will be set on the basis of this program: number of credits * €33,43,- (€2.006/60 credits)
  3. You will pay your fees in one go on commencement of the pre-Master's program. (Reimbursement is not possible.)
  4. After the first semester exemptions and extra courses are charged or reimbursed.
  5. On completing the pre-Master's program, you will enroll for the Master's program and pay the statutory tuition fee.

I'm doing a Bachelor's program, but I've also started a pre-Master's program

You won't pay any fees for the pre-Master's program if you are enrolled in a second program for which you pay statutory tuition fees. You will receive confirmation of the pre-Master's program from your program organizers.

I am switching to a different pre-Master's program

If you change to a different pre-Master's program you must pay a fee for each ECTS credit of your new pre-Master's program. This will not be compensated by the fees you paid for a previous pre-Master's program.

I discontinued my pre-Master's program halfway through the year; do I get any money back?

You are not entitled to a refund for the pre-Master's program. You pay the money in one go and if you discontinue the program you do not get a refund.