95 students received their bachelor's degree

On Friday October 13th, the large number of 103 students received their Bachelor’s degree Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations!

A special note for the students who finished their Bachelor cum laude: Melissa Bevers, Danny van der Haven, Raquel van Kampen, Iris Lauwers, Nynke de Leeuw, Jolijn Lubrecht and Guido Oerlemans.

During the ceremony, the Department of Biomedical Engineering had the pleasure to hand out five BME Bachelor’s scholarships to Melissa Bevers, Raquel van Kampen, Iris Lauwers, Jolijn Lubrecht and Guido Oerlemans. This scholarship is awarded to students who finished their Bachelor’s nominal with the designation cum laude (and will follow the master program of Biomedical Engineering). The BME Bachelor’s scholarship is an amount of €750, to be spent on an internship or visit abroad during the Master’s program.

The Department of Biomedical Engineering congratulates all students with their Bachelor’s degree, and wishes everybody good luck with their further academic careers.