20 BME-students receive their Master’s degree

Monday the 6th of October, the large number of 20 students received their Master’s degree Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations!

The following students received their degree:

  • Sergio Spaans
  • Emiel van Disseldorp
  • Tim Vonk
  • Pieter van de Ven
  • Tommy Maas
  • Bas Rosier
  • Yicong Chen
  • Jibbe Soetens
  • Wai-Kam Yim
  • Marijke Dermois
  • Zandra Felix Garza
  • Nils Noorman
  • Lisanne Schreuder
  • Alexander Colditz
  • Danny Eisink
  • Guilherme Baptista de Moura
  • Wilma Compagner
  • Michiel Janssen
  • Helen Besse
  • Maria Frias Goyenchea

The Department of Biomedical Engineering congratulates all students with their Master’s degree, and wishes everybody good luck with their further academic careers.