Cecilia Sahlgren wins publication award

The interdisciplinary work of Cecilia Sahlgren, assistant professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering in Eindhoven and professor Mika Linden of the University of Ulm was rewarded the chancellor’s prize on October 8, 2013. They received the prize for the best publication at the Åbo Akademi University, where Cecilia has an affiliation as a Principle Investigator. The rewarded work is presented in the article ‘Cancer-Cell specific induction of apoptosis using mesoporous silica nanoparticles as drug delivery vectors’ published in Small.

The article describes research about how surface functionalization of mesoporous silica drug delivery vesicles provide targeted drug delivery to cancer cells. The drug delivery platform forms an interesting technology for controlled delivery of biological cues to steer stem cell differentiation in tissue engineering.

The chancellor’s prize is a recently implemented prize to reward research of high international impact at the Åbo Akademi University. This was the first time the prize was rewarded. Three scientific publications were rewarded among all publications within the university during  the last 3 years. The selection was made by a Nomination committee consisting of the Chancellor and three professors and was based on gained international attention and impact.