Big party for combined lustrum

Upcoming Thursday, December 12, the time has come. A big party in building Gemini to celebrate the lustrum of the department of Biomedical Engineering and the student union Protagoras. A diner for 450 employees and students is followed by a spectacular party with a live band.

During this huge event, the student union Protagoras celebrates her 25th birthday. Because Protagoras started when Biomedical Engineering was still part of Mechanical Engineering, the department celebrates her 15th anniversary.

Over the past year the party committee, existing of several employees and students, tried to make a varied program for the night. With a delicious entertainment dinner, a spectacular opening and live music of the band Beat It! it's almost impossible to let it go wrong.

The free admission for employees and students closed a couple of weeks ago. Tickets for the party can be bought at Protagoras (Gemini Noord 1.60) or during the evening of the party. This is as long as there are still tickets available. Note: you can only pay in cash.