Prof. Bart ter Haar Romenij appointed honorary president

Professor Bart ter Haar Romenij was appointed honorary president of the HE University in Shenyang, China. President Wei He gave him this honorary title on September 17 during the opening of the academic year of this University.

The He University is a small private university that is specialized in medical education. The university is named after its founder Wei He, who is also founder of the He Shi Eye Care System, the largest eye care provider in northeastern China.

Ter Haar Romenij plays an important role in intensifying the research activities at the university, where he was appointed in 2006 as vice dean of the research within the program Sino-Dutch Biomedical and information Engineering School.

The appointment is an important step within the collaboration in the RetinaCheck project. Ter Haar Romenij is still looking for students to collaborate in this project and students who like to go on an internship in China for this.