Bus line 104 TU/e Science Park expires as of 10 December 2017

TU/e and SRE (Cooperative union for the Region of Eindhoven) have decided that on 10 December 2017 the BRAVO bus line 104 will be canceled. Now this bus now runs regularly at the rush hour from the NS Railway Station to the TU/e campus and vice versa. Unfortunately, up to now the number of passengers using this line service is insufficient to continue this service.  As of that date, the new Hermes/Bravo timetable will come into effect and no scheduled bus will run on the TU/e campus.

Reason start Bus line 104 TU/e Science Park
In February 2015 Line 104 started as a pilot line. Providing transport from the railway station for TU/e staff and visitors was the goal of this rush hour line bus. After the introduction of paid parking on the TU/e campus, it was expected that more employees and students would use public transport.  And that during the rush hour a regular bus driving from the NS Railway Station to the TU/e campus and back would be a welcome addition.

Reason for cancellation
In practice, the line is used too limited by employees to be cost-effective. As a result bus line 104 will expire as of 10 December 2017. The bus stops at Laplaceplein (opposite building Traverse), De Lismortel (corner Fontys PABO and Pavilion), De Rondom opposite Differ and De Rondom Zuid (corner BBC and Echo) will be canceled.

Alternative bus stops in the vicinity of the campus
In order to be able to travel by bus to the TU/e campus as close as possible , we will give you a number of possible bus stops for regular services:

  • Remise Hermes to the Prof. dr. Dr. Dorgelolaan. Travelers can get off at the Hermes Remise.
  • In the vicinity of TNO at the Prof.Dr. Dorgelolaan
  • Maxima Medical Center Eindhoven at the DS. T. Fliednerstraat
  • TU Eindhoven at the J.F. Kennedylaan

Timetable that applies as of 10 December 2017 (only in Dutch) 
You can search the departure times of all bus lines on this website. Or the departure times from a specific stop. You can also view the route of the line.

For further information you can contact Hermes.