Children are real scientists in the Science Lab Quest in Helix (Dream and Dare Festival)

During the tour in Helix kids and their parents could perform several fun experiments and feel like a real scientist! De combined forces of the BME and the CEC department had made a great experience which was attended by 923 visitors.

At half past one, after a slow start, the visitors came pouring in. We had several fun experiments for the children like for example measuring your strength, ‘Fun with your Skeleton’ of TU/e Junior, and the famous ‘Magic Lab’ of the CEC department. Furthermore, they could use biosensors to test the acidity of several liquids with the organization of student competition SensUs. Our biggest hit was the Celfie, during which the kids could make a photo of their own cells. Ariane van Spreeuwel, Tamar Wissing, Inge van Loosdregt, Rob Driessen, and Nicole van Gestel did a very good job hosting the Celfie. We noticed that the children liked performing ‘science’ and understood the explanations we gave them.

In the Auditorium our student teams SensUs and iGem have stimulated the visitors to dive into their challenges with the help of games and videos. Finally, Richard Lopata and Niels Petterson have, together with Ilja Voets of CEC, made a fantastic performance during the Science Show with Tim and Valerio.

We thank our enthusiastic staff members and students for their great work during the day!