Frank Baaijens new rector magnificus TU/e

This morning, the official announcement was published that Frank Baaijens will replace Hans van Duijn as rector magnificus of the TU/e starting May 1st 2015. Consequentially, he will terminate his work at the department BME, as a professor of Soft Tissue Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering, vice dean of the department and associate scientific director of the ICMS.
“We are pleased for our colleague and support him in his appointment as rector. Frank Baaijens is a highly appreciated colleague who has always worked with great care and passion on research, education and management within our department. We are discussing the changes this brings for the department and are committed on finding a good replacement and steady continuation of his tasks and work.”
Kind regards,
Board of the department
Dean Peter Hilbers
Managing Director Rob Debey