Prof. Natal van Riel receives grant for development of computer model human metabolism

Overweight and obesity are refractory conditions of human physiology. By using personalized computer models of human metabolism the researchers want to gain understanding about the dynamics of the ‘obese system’ and whether the effects of changes in nutrition and gut microbiota on metabolic health can be predicted. Prof. Natal van Riel and partners received an NWO grant Complexity in Health and Nutrition 2016 of ca. 325.000 euro to continue this research.

The personalized computer models are constructed from different building blocks to describe  human metabolism in great detail. The first building block is already being used at the AMC: the model describing metabolism of bile acids, from researcher ir. Fianne Sips. Furthermore, the module for lipid metabolism is being developed. This grant enables the researchers to further extend the computer model with new building blocks, and make the models and their predictions personalized.

The department of Biomedical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology collaborates in this project with researchers from Wageningen University (WUR), Maastricht University (UM) and University of Amsterdam, Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the companies Caelus Health and Unilever R&D Vlaardingen.