Grant for consortium DiaGame

Natal van Riel (Biomedical Engineering) receives a grant for the DiaGame project to develop an educational and personalized game for self-management of diabetes. The grant is part of the COMMIT2DATA program of NWO which stimulates multidisciplinary research that contributes to the development of effective and efficient personal empowerment solutions for a healthy future for our society.

TU/e researchers Natal van Riel and Peter Hilbers ( department BME) and Anna Wilbik and Uzay Kaymak (department IE&IS) take part in the consortium in which also HRH Diabetes Games (Harm Haak) and the Máxima Medisch Centrum (Carola van Pul, Harm Haak and Pleun Wouters) are represented.

The total amount of the grant is € 736.033,00 and will be used for a study among 400 diabetes patients by 2 PhD students and 1 software engineer.

About the DiaGame project

The DiaGame project applies the sciences of data learning and biomedical simulations to an existing serious diabetes gaming platform (SugarVita). We aim to make the current SugarVita a data-driven, personalized serious game (SugarVita-P4) that empowers individuals with diabetes to manage the disease they are facing. In order to personalize the game, we will integrate our expertise on processing of personal data collected from health-related smartphone apps into our game platform.

The information that this approach yields will be used to personalize the simulation that drives the game. Together, this will allow the use of patient-gathered health data to make the diabetes game a realistic representation of the condition of the gamer.

This allows the gamer to play SugerVita-P4 using personal settings for improved educational value, since typically for diabetes, knowledge and skill is key to effectively self-manage their condition. We will provide support for the notion that playing SugarVita-P4 creates reward and motivation and is therefore more effective.

Collectively, DiaGame can change the approach to diabetes care by using data sciences in support of a data-driven personal diabetes game. Ultimately, this will improve the quality of life for patients with diabetes.

Visit the website for more information about SugarVita.