Dr. Guizhi Shen

About myself

Guizhi Shen received her PhD degree in chemistry from the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in 2013. and then started post-doctoral research at the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), CAS, under the supervision of Prof. Yan in the same year. She became an assistant professor at IPE, CAS in September, 2015. Her research interests are mainly focused on the design nanovehicles via self-assembly based on bio-inspired materials, and their structure modulation and biomedical applications. Currently, she is a visiting Postdoc. working on design of new-type “smart” nanodrugs in the group of Prof. Jan van Hest.

Self-assembly to fabricate “smart” nanodrug

Cancer remains one of the most devastating diseases known to human beings, despite remarkable advances in our knowledge of the fundamental biology. There has not been a significant increase in overall patient survival for many types of cancer toward observation of WHO. So, how to efficiently fight against cancer, prolong the lifetime and quality of cancer patients remains a challenging.In the past decades, nanotechnology offers tremendous promise for improving efficacy of cancer diagnosis and therapy. Among that, self-assembly plays an extremely pivotal role. Getting inspiration from nature, and further learning their self-assembly principle can direct us for design and fabrication of innovative nanodrugs. In our project, the aim of our work is to fabricate “smart” nanodrugs with finely-tuned architecture for effective treatment of diseases from target-specific and stimuli-responsive way. 

Office: STO3.29