Jianzhi Zhu

About myself

Jianzhi Zhu received his M.Sc. in Biomedical Eingneering from Donghua University in the spring of 2016. During his master study, he worked on nanogel for molecular imaging. And in the autumn of that year he moved to Technische Universiteit Eindhoven to pursue his Ph.D under the supervision of Prof. Jan van Hest. His current research focuses on the nanogel-based delivery system for gene/cancer therapy.

About my research

Nanogel is a kind of nanosized hydrogel. Their tunable chemical and three-dimensional physical structure, enhanced mechanical property, excellent softness and fluidity together with desirable biocompatibility endow nanogel with great potential serving as delivery system. My research purports to developing nanogel or multifunctional nanogel-complex with responding to extra/intra-cellular stimuli and specific targeting ability. With rational design, the nanogel aims to come out at pathological tissues particularly, disintegrate intracellularly and target organelle distinctively.

Office: STO 3.33