Shoupeng Cao

About myself

Shoupeng Cao has received his M.Sc in chemical biology from Northwest A&F University in 2016 in China. During his master’s research, he focus on multi-functional materials construction in both polytriazole bridged with oxadiazole moieties as highly sensitive and selective fluorescence chemosensor for Ag+, and glyco-nanovesicles with activatable near-infrared probes for real-time monitoring of drug release and targeted delivery. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate working on multi-functional biodegradable polymersome for controllable nanoreactor and theranostic nanomedicine in the group of Prof. Jan van Hest.

Self-assembly to fabricate “smart” nanodrug

Biodegradable polymersome has emerged as a promising candidate for biomedical materials in a variety of aspects including bio-reactor and nanomedicine. Despite meaningful progress has achieved in recent years, several dilemma still toughly exist to hinder further development including controlled and monitoring of the treatment.

Key features in our biodegradable polymer system include reversible controlled permeability, triggered dynamic transformation, and activated theranostic strategies via bio-mimic approaches. 

The aim of the project is to establish bio-inspired, stimulus responsive, and biodegradable polymersome system for multi-functional nanomedicine with controllable treatment, real-time monitoring of the treatment process as well as therapy effect feedback.

Office: STO3.33