Biomedical Imaging & Modeling Laboratory

The Biomedical Imaging & Modeling (BIOMIM) Laboratory is situated on the third floor at Gemini-South 3.02, 3a.02 and 3a.03. The large hall (3a.02) hosts most of the PhD and Master students of the research groups Medical Image Analysis (IMAG/e) and Computational Biology (CBio). The small hall (3a.03) hosts mainly BME Master students; Dispuut 3004 is responsible for assigning the desks in this hall.

The BIOMIM lab is not a typical laboratory, you will not find any measuring instruments. Instead computers are used for in silico experiments and theoretical work, i.e. developing and applying new algorithms, constructing computational models and performing simulations, and analyzing medical images and data.

Below you can see a 360 degree impression of the lab.