Microfab Laboratory

The Microfab Laboratory is located at Gemini-North floor -1.

The Microfab Laboratory was originally setup with the idea to create a ‘cleaner’ work environment for microfabrication. In this relatively small chemical lab (± 42m2) we could perform photo lithography/soft lithography and house different surface treatments devices. In 2015 the Microfab/lab was extended and refurnished to a Microfabrication Research Facility. The lab area grew to ±220m2, with six different research rooms which now also included a bio lab.

Contactpersoon S.SahebAli

The Maxwell Room (Actuators and Sensors)

Build your own test system on vibration free tables.

The Newton Room ( Microsystems)

Fluorescence Microscope, AFM and PIV

The da Vinci Room (microfluidics)

Different Microscopes and Flow systems

The Darwin Room (BioLab)

A full ML-II equipped room, where ML-I research projects are run at the moment.  

Additional: Fluorescent microscope (EVOS), Cytomate setup (BF imaging for inside incubator), Multichannel system (Electrophysiology recordings)and Ibidi system (for shear stress dynamic cell cultures)

The Feynman Room (Cleanroom)

Photo lithography,Soft lithography and Surface treatment devises (Dimatix printer, Corona Discharge generator, Sputtercoater and Ashing machine)

Contact person W. ter Elst

The Tesla Room (Rapid prototyping)

Excimer laser, Micro-milling machine, Laser Cutter, 3D printers and Soldering Station