Many of the research projects of this faculty are in close cooperation with various Academic Medical Centres, both inside The Netherlands and abroad (a.o. the Maastricht University). There is also a lot of company involvement, e.g. with DSM, Pharmacell, Shell and Philips. On a national level, the public-private research collaboration and valorisation is innitiated in the programs of the Centre for Translational Molecular Medicine, and the BioMedical Materials Program.

Here you can see a list of some companies the department of Biomedical Engineering has collaboration agreements with:

Ablinx MagnaMedics
AOSpine International Orbus Neich
Beckman Coulter PepTX
BG Medicine Pharmacell
BioFocus van het DPI Philips Electronics
BioMade Philips Medical Systems
Biorion Philips Research
Branching Tree Porogen B.V.
Cavadis Progrenfix B.V.
CellCotec BV QTIS B.V.
Coriden Sara Lee Foods Europe
DSM Shell
FEI Signifix B.V.
Flexgen SupraPolix
Future Diagnostics SymoChem
HemoLab B.V. Thermo Fisher
Kreatech Visual Sonics