Victor Bloemendal

About myself

Victor Bloemendal MSC. is recently graduated from the Radboud University with a master in Molecular Life Sciences. During this education he specifically obtained skills in (synthetic) organic chemistry by synthesizing bio-orthogonal probes for chemical biological research. Using these skills, he hopes he can successfully conduct the research at hand. Though Victor works under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ir. Jan van Hest, he is working externally at the Radboud University together with Prof. Dr. Floris Rutjes

Cascade- and flow-chemistry

Flow chemistry is one of the most promising recent advances in organic chemistry, which has a huge potential for industrial processes. Using flow chemistry, it is possible to efficiently synthesize high amounts of products in a scalable way. Unfortunately, Flow chemistry is still not used throughout industry for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. Our approach, is to combine flow chemistry and a multi-cascade reaction for cannabinoid derivatives.In this flow system, several different chemical conversions can be utilized, varying from compartimentalized reactions, enzymatic conversions, catalyst immobilization and cross-coupling reactions for derivatization. Most of these techniques are already individually developed, but not yet used in sequence for pharmaceutical production. This poses great chemical challenges which can hopefully be overcome.  First but foremost, different building blocks will be synthesized and tried in order to make cannabinoids. After this process is successful, a multistep flow system can be looked into. Cascade- and flow-chemistry are top-notch chemical developments which will determine modern day chemistry for good

Office: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen