Federica Centorrino MSc.


Federica received her MSc degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Messina (Italy). For her master’s thesis she focused on the study of photo-switchable receptors. Additionally during her master’s she did a 5 month internship at the University of Dundee (Scotland) where, under the supervision of Prof. Alessio Ciulli, she worked on the biophysical analysis of small molecules targeting protein-protein interactions within the ubiquitin system. In September 2016 she joined the research group of Dr. Christian Ottmann and Prof. Luc Brunsveld to start her PhD in a Marie Sklodowska-Curienetwork (TASPPI), focused on the identification of small-molecules stabilizers of 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions as novel therapeutic agents and basic research tool compounds.

Office: ST 3.46
Phone: 040-247 2125
E-mail: f.centorrino@tue.nl