Dr. Richard Doveston


Richard graduated from the University of Leicester in 2008 with a first class MChem degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry (including a year in industry with GlaxoSmithKline). He went on to complete a Ph.D. in the group of Prof. Richard J. K. Taylor at the University of York, where his work culminated in the first total synthesis of the natural product janoxepin. In 2012 he moved to a post-doctoral position with Prof. Adam Nelson and Prof. Steve Marsden at the University of Leeds to work in the area of lead-oriented synthesis. Here, his research involved the development of both computational tools and synthetic methodologies which when used in combination could efficiently deliver libraries of ‘lead-like’ molecular scaffolds.

In March 2015 Richard moved to work in the Chemical Biology Group at the TU/e. His research, carried out under Prof. Luc Brunsveld and Dr. Christian Ottmann, is focused on the discovery and evaluation of novel bioactive small molecules. In particular he is interested in the discovery of  nuclear receptor modulators and stabilizers of 14-3-3 protein-protein interactions. His work is driven by an interest in rational drug design and is often underpinned by the powerful tool of synthetic chemistry. However, in order to meet the many chemical biology challenges involved, a broad range of tools are exploited. These include biophysical assays (fluorescence polarization and HTRF), protein expression, protein crystallography, solid-phase peptide synthesis, and in-silico design.


Office: ST 3.21
Phone: 040-247 3762
E-mail: r.g.doveston@tue.nl