Prof.dr. Volkher Scharnhorst

Volkher Scharnhorst received his PhD for research on ‘W1 proteins and their functions in growth and differentiation’ at the department of Medical Biochemistry at Leiden University in 2000. After his PhD he became a resident in clinical chemistry in the clinical laboratory of Máxima Medical Centre in Veldhoven. During his time as resident Volkher Scharnhorst became lecturer chemical pathology at the Fontys Hogeschool.

He received his admission to the registry of clinical chemists in 2004 after which he became a clinical chemist at Atrium Medisch Centrum. In 2006, he continued his career in Catharina Hospital. In 2007, he was appointed member of the Medical Ethics Board (METC) and became head of the clinical laboratory of Catharina Hospital.

His research focuses on use of biomarkers in diagnosing and monitoring disease with emphasis on improvement of analytical techniques and interpretation of test results.

In 2012, the Technical University Eindhoven installed him as lecturer and in 2014 as professor in Clinical Chemistry in the Chemical Biology section of the faculty Biomedical Engineering.


Office: STO 3.30
Phone: +31 40-247 3584