In this section the education provided by the Computational Biology group is listed. We provide courses and projects in the bachelor's as well as the Master's curriculum.


There are many courses, compulsory as well as optional, related to Computational Biology.

Bachelor courses:

  • 8CA10: Programming and genomics
  • 8CB10: Simulation of biochemical systems
  • 8CB20: Synthetic and systems biology
  • 8SB00: Endocrinology and metabolism
  • 8QA05: DCL; gene expression
  • 8QC00: DBL; metabolic networks in action

Master courses:

  • 8CM00: Systems biology
  • 8CM20: Molecular Modeling

More information can be found on OSIRIS.

Bachelor End Project (BEP)

With the Bachelor End Project you will complete your Bachelor of Biomedical Technolgy.For information on possible topics in the Computational Biolgoy group you can contact prof. Peter Hilbers.

For general information on the BEP, click here.


An externship of three months full time is part of the Master’s curriculum. An externship can be done at other universities, at hospitals or in industry. It is strongly recommended to do your externship abroad.

For information on possible topics and places for an externship, you can contact prof. Peter Hilbers. All practicalities (travel, housing and, above all, funding) you have to arrange yourself. For information and help in this area, please visit the website of TU/e’s international office.

Research projects

During a Master's research project the student is required to work on a research subject for one entire academic year. Since our group has many research areas, these subjects can be very different, but they are always linked to one of the current research areas. Quite often internships abroad are joined together with the Master's project, so the student can work on the project from two different perspectives.

More information on possible master projects can be obtained from any of the staff members. Check our research areas to learn more about our research.