Collaboration: NextDx project

NextDx ( is an EU funded project focussing on the development of an integrated platform for diagnostics with single-molecule resolution. Leading companies and institutes in protein diagnostics and micro-nano-bio research, including Philips, imec, Hytest, PolyAn, Bremen University and Eindhoven University of Technology, investigate technologies with the goal of enabling new highly sensitive blood tests for instant diagnostics near the patient. This could help to provide care-givers with relevant information for making on-the-spot decisions in a single patient interaction, with the possibility of streamlining healthcare processes and enabling new care models.

Video: Translate to Innovate

The process of technological innovation is an interplay between people of different backgrounds and perspectives: scientists, technologists, application experts, and business people. In this video Menno Prins describes how these people interact, how activities translate between the people, and how the translation feeds the innovation process. Menno Prins is a professor at Eindhoven University of Technology.