Master's program


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8TM00 - Bone cells and tissue mechanics (Bot cel en weefsel mechanica) Bert van Rietbergen, Sandra Hofmann
8TM10 - Biomechanics and mechanobiology of cartilaginous tissues (Kraakbeen biomechanica) Rene van Donkelaar, Keita Ito
8TC20 - Basic tissue engineering, Sandra Hofmann, Keita Ito and Dan Bader (STBE)
8TM20 - Biological mixtures (Biologische mengsels), Jacques Huyghe (WTB)
8F170 - Clinical module Orthopaedics (Klinische module Orthopedie) Chris Arts, Bert van Rietbergen
8R000 - Introduction to Regenerative Medicine and Technology René van Donkelaar
8SM20 - Biomaterials (Biomaterialen) Patricia Dankers, Sandra Hofmann and Chris Arts

Internships and final projects

Below you can find some examples of projects that have recently been done. Please contact us if you want to do a project in our group.