Final projects

Below you can find some recently finished final projects. Please contact us if you want to do a project in our group!

The in vitro degradation of the hydroxyapatite layer on S53P4 bioactive glass by osteoclasts, Student: G.H. Schuiringa - 2017, N.A.P. van Gestel, J.J.C. Arts, K. Ito, S. Hofmann.

Local structural changes in articular cartilage due to cyclic shear, Student: R.R.H. van Loo - 2017, M. Nickien, C.C. van Donkelaar.

Friction and wear characteristics of a novel polymeric osteochondral implant for focal articular cartilage defects, Student: A.H.A. Damen - 2017, M. Nickien, C.C. van Donkelaar.

The effect of acidosis on osteoclastic bone resorption in 3D in vitro, Student: M.C.M. Sleddens - 2017, S.J.A. Remmers, S. Hofmann, K. Ito.

Measurement of hind foot stiffness in children with clubfeet, Student: P.A. Andrei - 2017, B. van Rietbergen, K. Ito.

The influence of hypotonicity on nucleus pulposus tissue inflammation, Student: M.W.A. Kleuskens - 2016, K. Ito. 

Bioactive glass granules as bone graft substitute in osteomyelitic defects; application in load-bearing defects and a 2-year case study Student: F. Gabriels - 2016, J.J.C. Arts, B. van Rietbergen.

Co-culture of mesenchymal stromal (stem) cells and meniscal cells in type I collagen hydrogel for meniscal tissue regeneration mit, Student: M. Fenu - 2016, C.C. van Donkelaar. 

Diagnosis of periprosthetic knee infections with 18F-FDG PET-CT, Student: B.C.M. Snijders - 2016, J.J.C. Arts, B. van Rietbergen.

Outside cleanroom 3D printed cancer on chip, Student: R.P.A.M. de Rooij - 2016, J. den Toonder, K. Ito. 

The effect of resolution on bone mechanical properties in the human distal radius assessed by finite element analysis: a comparison between HR-pQCT and QCT resolution scans and between HR-pQCT generations, Student: A.M. Voermans - 2016, B. van Rietbergen. 

Development of a finite element spine model to simulate different scoliosis treatment scenarios, Student: R. van der Meer - 2016, B. van Rietbergen. 

Injection of GAG analogue hydrogel in degraded intervertebral disc to restore tissue function, Student: R.H.W. de Vries - 2016, K. Ito. 

Fiber reinforcement of a  GAG analogue  hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineering, Student: R.A.P. Claessen - 2016, R. van Donkelaar. 

Cartilage blistering adjacent to a full-thickness cartilage defect, a clinical and mechanical study, Student: E.H. van den Heuvel - 2016, C.C. van Donkelaar.

?µCT Imaging and Monitoring of a Silk Fibroin Sca?ffold for Bone Tissue Engineering, Student: V. Preti - 2016, S. Hofmann. 

Optimizing a Growth Guidance Construct for Early Onset Scoliosis Using Mechanical Testing, Finite Element Modeling and 3D Printing, Student: M.W. Smits - 2016, J.J.C. Arts, B. van Rietbergen.

A new method to measure hindfoot stiffness in children with clubfeetStudent: P.J.J. Koopmans - 2016, B. van Rietbergen. 

Analysis of COPD vertebral strength, Student: M.G. Groener - 2016, B. van Rietbergen. 

MRI assessment and patient specific biomechanical modeling of ACL-deficient knees to improve ACL reconstructive surgery; a feasibility study, Student: N.T. Kruis - 2016, B. van Rietbergen. 

In vitro study to characterize the initial repair response after cartilage damage, Student: E.E. van Haaften - 2015, C.C. van Donkelaar,

Restorative properties of a new tissue glue in meniscal lesions treatment, Student: M. Borm - 2015, C.C. van Donkelaar, K. Ito.