Final projects

Below you can find some current and recently finished final projects. Please contact us if you want to do a project in our group!

The influence of hypotonicity on nucleus pulposus tissue inflammation, K. Ito. Student: M.W.A. Kleuskens, 2016

Bioactive glass granules as bone graft substitute in osteomyelitic defects; application in load-bearing defects and a 2-year case studyB. van Rietbergen, C. Arts. Student: F. Gabriels, 2016

Co-culture of mesenchymal stromal (stem) cells and meniscal cells in type I collagen hydrogel for meniscal tissue regeneration mitR. van Donkelaar. Student: M. Fenu, 2016

Diagnosis of periprosthetic knee infections with 18F-FDG PET-CTB. van Rietbergen, C. Arts. Student: B.C.M. Snijders, 2016

Outside cleanroom 3D printed cancer on chipK. Ito, J. den Toonder. Student: R.P.A.M. de Rooij, 2016

The effect of resolution on bone mechanical properties in the human distal radius assessed by finite element analysis: a comparison between HR-pQCT and QCT resolution scans and between HR-pQCT generationsB. van Rietbergen. Student: A.M. Voermans, 2016

Development of a finite element spine model to simulate different scoliosis treatment scenariosB. van Rietbergen. Student: R. van der Meer, 2016 

Injection of GAG analogue hydrogel in degraded intervertebral disc to restore tissue functionK. Ito. Student: R.H.W. de Vries, 2016

Fiber reinforcement of a  GAG analogue  hydrogel for cartilage tissue engineeringR. van Donkelaar. Student: R.A.P. Claessen, 2016

Cartilage blistering adjacent to a full-thickness cartilage defect, a clinical and mechanical study, R. van Donkelaar. Student: E.H. van den Heuvel, 2016

?µCT Imaging and Monitoring of a Silk Fibroin Sca?ffold for Bone Tissue EngineeringS. Hofmann. Student: V. Preti, 2016

Optimizing a Growth Guidance Construct for Early Onset Scoliosis Using Mechanical Testing, Finite Element Modeling and 3D PrintingB. van Rietbergen, C. Arts. Student: M.W. Smits, 2016 

A new method to measure hindfoot stiffness in children with clubfeetB. van Rietbergen. Student: P.J.J. Koopmans, 2016

Analysis of COPD vertebral strengthB. van Rietbergen. Student: M.G. Groener, 2016

MRI assessment and patient specific biomechanical modeling of ACL-deficient knees to improve ACL reconstructive surgery; a feasibility study, B. van Rietbergen. Student: N.T. Kruis, 2016

In vitro study to characterize the initial repair response after cartilage damage, R. van Donkelaar, Student: E.E. van Haaften, 2015.

Restorative properties of a new tissue glue in meniscal lesions treatment, R. van Donkelaar, K. Ito. Student: M. Borm, 2015.

Self-assembling hydrogels for articular cartilage tissue engineering, K. Ito. Student: L. Arena

Implementation of hydrodynamic loading in a novel bioreactor system for bone tissue engineering, V. Jeyakumar, S. Hofmann, 2014.

Microscopic modelling of deformation-dependent matrix development in tissue-engineered cartilage, R. van Donkelaar. Student: R. Romijnders

Optimizing the sliding indentation loading regime and assessing the properties of the engineered articular cartilageR. van Donkelaar. Student: M. Frias Goyenechea, 2014

Modeling meniscal implants in goat knees, A. Heuijerjans, R. van Donkelaar, 2014.

Mechanical characterization and comparison of chondrocyte-like-rich and notochordal cell-rich nucleus pulposus, Koen Boom, K. Ito, 2014.

Migration of bone marrow stromal cells in self-assembling hydrogels, Y. v. Leuven, K. Ito 

Bioactive glass granules as bone graft substitute in load-bearing defects, D. Hulsen, B. v. Rietbergen, 2013

The effect of cell deformation on the intracellular calcium signaling of chondrocytes seeded in agarose, V. v. Heeswijk, R. v. Donkelaar, 2013

Finite element simulation of the diaphragm function in scoliosis; focusing on the mechanical influence of the diaphragm fiber bundles regarding orientation and length, C. v.d. Weelden, K. Ito, 2013

Comparison of static and dynamic analysis methods of 18F-fluoride PET/CT-scans to monitor graft incorporation in Posterior Lumbar Interbody FusionM. Peters, B. v. Rietbergen, 2013

Bulk plantar soft tissue modeling using finite element analysis, P. Klaver, B. v. Rietbergen, 2013

Assessment of cortical bone discontinuities in finger joints with high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HR-pQCT), J. Williams, B. v. Rietbergen, 2013

Interaction between knee joint internal loads, muscle co-contraction and external knee adduction moments in patients with knee osteoarthritis, R. Garcia v.d. Westen, B. v. Rietbergen, 2013

Static loading of chondrocyte-agarose constructs, C. Chávarri Leal, R. v. Donkelaar, 2013

Micro- finite element analysis of trabecular bone failure, T. Westerhof, B. v. Rietbergen, 2013

Cell traction and strain dependent collagen degradation predict tissue adaptation, T. Heck, R. v. Donkelaar, 2013

A novel nucleus pulposus culture system, V. Mouser, K. Ito, 2012