Recent example projects

The pro-angiogenic potential of novel polymeric calcium releasing scaffolds for bone regeneration, M.C.M.Sleddens, Dr. S. Pérez Amodio, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, Spain, S. Hofmann, 2017

Biomechanical characterization of human L3-L4 joint with use of a robotic testing facility, A.C.A.J. Evers, Dr. P. Little, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, K. Ito, 2017

Controlling the shape of tissue engineered bone using a 3D printed scaffold, E. van den Broek, Dr. A. Schindeler,  University of Sydney, Australia, S. Hofmann, 2017

Graded nucleotomy in lumbar intervertebral discs and its influence on stiffness characteristics: An in vitro biomechanical investigation, M.W.A. Kleuskens, Dr. A. Diwan, University of New South Wales, Australia, K. Ito, 2017

Fatigue testing and development of FE models of 3D printed structures, F. Gabriels, M. Begley, University of California USA, B. van Rietbergen, 2017

Visible light photo-initiators for 3D printing of GelMA hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering, R.H.W. de Vries, Dr. T. Klein, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, K. Ito, 2016

Collagenase as Pre-Treatment for Chondro-Gide Assisted ACI, D. Wanders, Dr. L. Kock, LifeTecGroup, Netherlands, R. van Donkelaar, 2016

Strain in the nerves caused by the intervertebral disc, a finite element analysis, J. Kok, M. Tanaka, OsakaUniversity Japan, B. van Rietbergen, 2016

Exploring the suitability of the AFM for analyzing the mechanotransductive behavior of the living osteocytes primary cilium, A.C.Y. Loenen, T. Adachi, Institute for frontier medical sciences, Kyoto University Japan, B. van Rietbergen, 2015

Processing and analysis of PET/CT data on fracture healing in rats, A.J. Koopman, H. Isaksson, Lund University Sweden, B. van Rietbergen, 2015

Stress Relaxation Response of Articular Cartilage with Degeneration, R.A.P Claessen, Dr. A. Thambya, University of Auckland, New Zealand, R. van Donkelaar, 2014

The relationship between tissue composition and the stiffness of single lamellae in the intervertebral disc, E.E. van Haaften, Prof. S. Ferguson, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, R. van Donkelaar, 2014

The role of proteoglycans in determining the depth-dependent mechanical properties of articular cartilage, E.H. van den Heuvel, Prof. D. Kelly, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Ireland, R. van Donkelaar, 2014

Modeling cartilage mechanics, R. Romijnders, Dr. W. HerzogUniversity of Calgary, Canada, R. van Donkelaar, 2013

Detection of collagen damage in tendons after creep behaviour, M. Borm, Dr. Mark Thompson, Oxford University, U.K., K. Ito, 2013