Recent projects

Design and development of flow cell based systems for biomedical research, R.P.A.M. de Rooij, Prof. G. Jose, University of Leeds, UK, K. Ito, 2016

Visible light photo-initiators for 3D printing of GelMA hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering, R.H.W. de Vries, Dr. T. Klein, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, K. Ito, 2016

Collagenase as Pre-Treatment for Chondro-Gide Assisted ACI, D. Wanders, Dr. L. Kock, LifeTecGroup, Netherlands, R. van Donkelaar, 2016

Stress Relaxation Response of Articular Cartilage with Degeneration, R.A.P Claessen, Dr. A. Thambya, University of Auckland, New Zealand, R. van Donkelaar, 2014

The relationship between tissue composition and the stiffness of single lamellae in the intervertebral disc, E.E. van Haaften, Prof. S. Ferguson, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, R. van Donkelaar, 2014

The role of proteoglycans in determining the depth-dependent mechanical properties of articular cartilage, E.H. van den Heuvel, Prof. D. Kelly, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Ireland, R. van Donkelaar, 2014

Modeling cartilage mechanics, R. Romijnders, Dr. W. HerzogUniversity of Calgary, Canada, R. van Donkelaar, 2013

Determining mechanical properties of rabbit arteries, N. v. Gestel, Dr. Jèrôme Noailly and Dr. Elisabeth Engel, IBEC, Spain, K. Ito, 2013

Detection of collagen damage in tendons after creep behaviour, M. Borm, Dr. Mark Thompson, Oxford University, U.K., K. Ito, 2013

The infuence of a healed fibula in callotasis lengthening procedures on load-share measurements. A cadaver study, T. Kierkels, OUS-Rikshospitalet, Norway, Dr. Harald Steen, 2013

Importance of stem orientation for successfulness of THR treatment, Y. v. Leuven, Prof. Masao TanakaOsaka University, Japan, K. Ito, 2012

Elastic network organisation in calf tail discs and collagen structure in human degenerated intervertebral discs, M. Nickien, Prof. J. Urban, Oxford University, U.K., R. van Donkelaar 

Mechanical properties of rabbit bones of varying ages; a comparison between whole-bone three point bending test and nanoindentation, C. Verheijen, H. Isaksson, University of Kuopio, Finland, R. v. Donkelaar

XX, D. Tsui, Dr. Zhang Yong and Dr. Deng, Rui Jin Academic Hospital, China

Mobility analysis of canine osteoarthritis patientsB. Zwarthoed, Dr. Peter MuirUniversity of Wisconsin, USA