Prediction of bone remodeling during osteoporosis


Patrick Christen, PhD

My research focuses on deriving bone loading histories from a bone’s microstructure as well as applying such derived loading conditions in patient-specific computer simulations of bone remodelling. It is generally accepted that bones adapt microstructure in accordance with their mechanical environment. This, in turn, would suggest that it might be possible to reconstruct the loading history from bone microstructure.

To explore this idea, we use techniques such as in vivo high-resolution imaging to assess bone microstructure of a variety of animals and sites (Fig. 1), and micro-finite element analysis to calculate tissue loading conditions based on these microstructures (Fig. 2). The derived loading histories from human radii or iliac crest biopsies, for example, are then used to run patient-specific bone remodelling simulations. Such simulations could finally be used to improve clinical prognoses, investigate diseases based on clinical data, and test different treatments strategies

Link to dissertation

Christen, P. (2013). Deciphering the secret message within bone microstructure. Eindhoven: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. ((Co-)promot.: prof.dr. K. Ito & B. van Rietbergen).

This project is funded by VPHOP