BMT Students to IGEM

From 11 till 13 october, 7 students BME will participate in the international IGEM challenge in Lyon, with which they have been busy since december.

Under supervision of Maarten Merkx and Tom de Greef they have worked all summer on this project, which is in the field of synthetic biolology.

Their project focusses on a relatively new form of MRI: CEST (Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer). CEST imaging proteins contain hydrogen atoms, which can be used to achieve the same contrast imaging quality as with heavy metals. They use bacteria to make these proteins (under low oxygen conditions, often seen in and around tumors), such that these can be applied to make tumors visible with MRI.

Besides making proteins, they also must participate in the so called 'Human Practice Project'. They made a web page, which can help with the social issues regarding synthetic biology. This fact-check web page can answer questions about the topic of synthetic biology, to obtain more understanding for these techniques. Check you own fact via:

For more information on their project:

For more information about the IGEM challenge:

If our students score high enough in Lyon, they can particitpate in the international finals at MIT in Cambridge.