Prof. Maarten Merkx associate editor for new journal ACS Sensors

The American Chemical Society (ACS) asked Prof. Maarten Merkx to join the team of associate editors for the new journal ACS Sensors (started January 2016) because of his expertise in the field of protein sensors. He started in October as associate editor and published an editorial in the November edition on the (future) contributions of protein engineering in the development of new biosensors and the subsequent challenges.

ACS is well-known for its top journals and ACS Sensors has the potential to become the top journal in the field of molecular biosensors. In the years to come they aim to build a name and profile with high quality articles and consequently many citations. Criteria for publication in ACS Sensors are the ingenuity of the sensor or idea, the innovative and relevant application or evidence that the sensor works in a relevant setting.

Merkx: “Being an editor is a good opportunity to help shape the development of this field of expertise.”

ACS Sensors is a monthly digital journal; the TU/e is subscribed to the journal and starting 2017 open access publishing in ACS journals will be free of charge for authors from a Dutch university.

Please find the November edition and the editorial by prof. Maarten Merkx on the website of ACS Sensors.