Biomechanics book

Biomechanics, Concepts and Computation

This textbook integrates the classical concepts of mechanics and computational modelling techniques, in a logical progression through a wide range of fundamental biomechanics principles. Online MATLAB®-based software, along with examples and problems using biomedical applications, will motivate undergraduate biomedical engineering students to practise and test their skills. The book covers topics such as kinematics, equilibrium, stresses and strains, and also focuses on large deformations and rotations and non-linear constitutive equations, including visco-elastic behaviour and the behaviour of long slender fibre-like structures. This is the first textbook that integrates both general and specific topics, theoretical background and biomedical engineering applications, as well as analytical and numerical approaches.

In the biomedical engineering department the book is used in three Bachelor courses: Biomechanics (8TB00) for students in Medical Sciences and Technology, Mechanics (8MB00) and Numerical Analysis of Continua (8MC00) for Biomedical Engineering students.

Authors: Cees OomensMarcel BrekelmansFrank Baaijens