8W300 - Stem cells


Stem cells play an important role in the development, maintenance and regeneration of biological tissues and hence form an attractive source of material for future clinical treatments, such as in regenerative medicine. This course deals with the current scientific knowledge of stem cells and their relevance for (bio)medical research and application. A first series of lectures focuses on the different types and sources of stem cells, as well as the relevance of the stem cell micro-environment (the stem cell 'niche') for cell functioning and differentiation. Next, the relevance of stem cell research in the area of Biomedical Engineering will be highlighted. Special attention is given to the analysis and characterization of stem cells using a variety of techniques, such as stem cell imaging. In addition, a short project is provided to obtain practical experience with stem cell characterization via e.g. qPCR and flow cytometry.

Learning objectives

  • To obtain knowledge of stem cells and their relevance for Biomedical Engineering research and applications
  • To get experience with techniques for analysis and characterization of stem cells
  • To obtain insight into the possibilities of stem cells for clinical application
  • To obtain insight in the ethical consideration of stem cells usage


Responsible lecturer: C.M. (Cecilia) Sahlgren.