Master Thesis Projects

Information and consultation meetings for master students

The STEM group provides a monthly information and consultation meeting for (future) master students.

The meetings are hosted by two of our staff members and take place during a Monday lunch hour, somewhere in the Gemini building (mostly in the CIC):

DateSTEM staff membersLocation
April 3rd, 2017Cees Oomens & Jurjen TelGem.-Z. 4.24
May 1st, 2017Carlijn Bouten & Anthal SmitsGem.-Z. 1.03
June 12th, 2017Carlijn Bouten & Sandra LoerakkerGem.-Z. 1.03
July 3rd, 2017Cees Oomens & Oscar StassenGem.-Z. 1.03
new academic year
September 4th, 2017Jurjen Tel & Nicholas KurniawanGem.-Z. 1.03
October 2nd, 2017Carlijn Bouten & Anthal SmitsGem.-Z. 1.03
November 11th, 2017Cees Oomens & Sandra LoerakkerGem.-Z. 1.03
December 4th, 2017Carlijn Bouten & Oscar StassenGem.-Z. 1.03

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