Molecular biomechanics of alpha-actin remodelling


This project investigates whether the cellular traction that develops, together with the anisotropic extracellular matrix micro-environment, can predict collagen architecture in TE constructs and native tissues. We start on the basis of a recently developed model that describes intracellular α-actin distribution and orientation in response to the cell’s mechanical surrounding and implementing these constitutive models in a multiscale biomechanics 3D finite element computational model. The computational predictions will be included in an established cell-based computational model of collagen remodelling. The predictions of the combined computational model of α-actin and collagen remodeling will be validated against experiments which, in turn, will inspire other simulations.


Researchers: T. (Tommasso) Ristori.
Supervisors: S. (Sandra) Loerakker, F.P.T. (Frank) Baaijens.

Funding by  TECAS ITN European Doctoral Academy in Regenerative Engineering.