Support services

The units below support the Departmental Board and the Biomedical Engineering research groups to perform their tasks.

Departmental Office

The departmental office supports the processes surrounding education, research and valorization with the disciplines of personnel policy, finance, ICT, communication, accommodation, legal affairs, health & safety and environment, and internal affairs. The secretary completes the picture. The office is led by the managing director whose responsibilities cover the entire business operation within the department.

Educational Board

The educational board is responsible for the organization and quality of the education of the department, covering the bachelor's program Biomedical Engineering with the two majors Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences and Technology, and the master's programs Biomedical Engineering (incl. the master track Regenerative Medicine and Technology) and Medical Engineering. The institute ensures a well regulated curriculum, the study timetable, the evaluation and improvement of the subjects as well as the organization and coordination of the education.

The educational board comprises an Program Director, a coordinator Bachelor, a coordinator Graduate Program, a academic advisors, a coordinator international office and a study information officer.